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The Pravasi!

We know how pain it is to miss our motherland and being missed and missing our near and dear one's back at home country! But the good thing is that we need not necesssarily miss our vote!

The “Pravasi Bharat” was founded   for the basic rights of Indian citizens who are living abroad.

As all of us aware that the ‘vote’ is very important tool in any democratic set-up, Thanks to Honourable Prime Minister of India Dr. Manamohan Singh for making a statement voting right for a Non-Resident Indians as “Legitimate Desire” in NRI Annual meeting in the year 2010.


Thanks to the government of India for passing the “Representation of the people (Amendment) Act – 2010” - which allows the eligible Non-Resident Indian (NRI) citizens to vote in India,  However they have to be physically present in their respective constituency on Elections day to cast their vote.  [Ref: Q18 from the FAQ of Election Commission of India website ]


There are millions of Indian citizens living abroad [ ]; out of which even if we assume about 20% would like to travel to India in day/week of general elections, The current flights/transport system would not be sufficient transport millions of passengers to India for General Elections. Also, it is a costly affair considering the travel charges and hence most of the citizens living abroad feel discouraged to utilize their vote.

Therefore we feel it is practically impossible for millions of citizens to cast their vote, if the only physical presence is the option. There is an important principle at stake: all citizens should have equal rights, regardless of where they happen to be at election time.

The team “Pravasi Bharat” started campaign to request Indian Government and the Election Commission of India to allow postal voting starting from next general elections to all the eligible Indian Citizens living abroad.

Come Join us - Lets get our voting right more feasible!

“It is important to be part of our democratic system and utilize our basic right i.e. use the great tool called ‘vote’.  So let’s vote

Don’t let your vote unpolled, Join hands with us and be part of this campaign to have more feasibility in NRIs voting right."

Team, Pravasi Bharat 

Democracy, disciplined and enlightened, is the finest thing in the world.

- Mahatma Gandhi

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