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Democracy, disciplined and enlightened, is the finest thing in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

The Power of Vote

Why Vote – It is very important to vote; because the most power of any democratic country will be with the elected representatives i.e. politicians. Particularly the control they have over the institutions of day to day life like Education, Health, Policing, External and Internal Affairs, Infrastructure and Development of the Country. A general election is the public’s big chance to change/improve how these institutions are run.

Elected government will have full control over the financial matter of the country – on where to spend, how to spend and when to spend!

 Don’t you think, we should have our say who rules us, whom we are going to send to the parliament/assembly as our representatives?

Don’t you think, the elected representatives serve the country and the people honestly?

Don’t you think, we should send the best, honest, capable citizen to our parliament and speak on our behalf?

If you think yes, then let’s vote!


More on Importance!

Right to vote and the voting is the cornerstone of any democracy

Vote enables us to choose the representatives who will make the laws and policies which govern how we live together.

Voting is a powerful way to send a message to politicians and governments, the more votes the powerful is the message, in other words every vote counts.

Voting does not costs you much, It is the matter of couple hours for registration process and matter of couple of hours for going to polling booth and casting your vote. It is one of the easiest ways to have a say in how your country is governed.


Appeal to Common man

Education facilities, Medical Facilities, Ration Facilities, Subsidies, and Tax – most of our day to day lives depend on who governs us.

Voting is important! Let’s vote.


Appeal to Youth

It is very important every eligible youngster to utilize his/her vote in elections.

Much of our nation population constitutes youngsters; your vote has significant impact on who will be going govern us, who is going to represent us.

If politicians know in advance that most young people don't vote, they may be less interested in making the effort to be responsive to issues that matter to younger Indians.

Yes, the employment, education and career are important aspects of our youth. However participating in democracy is also equally important – casting a vote in your constituency hardly takes couple of hours. By not voting, young Indians lose an important opportunity to make their voices heard by politicians.

Voting is important! Let’s vote.


Appeal to Professionals:

Many of the professionals including Doctors, Software Engineers, BPO employees, Officials, Business People etc might be busy and tied up with their working schedules on the elections day.

 The representation of the People Act, 1951 – amendment in 1996” says as follows – Which is available online: Please refer below link

Every person employed in any business trade, Industrial undertaking or any other establishment and entitled to vote at election to the House of the People or the Legislative Assembly of a State shall, on the day of poll, be granted a holiday.  Please get this validated with your respected Employers Or Concerned Officials.

However if you are so busy all the day, please try to take couple of hours off to poll your vote. It is worth taking a time-off from work on the day of elections rather than just ignoring it - As rest of the 5 years policies depends on the elected government.


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