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Unity In Diversity
Democracy, disciplined and enlightened, is the finest thing in the world.-Mahatma Gandhi
Nov 2012
Abortion Law,
Event : Campaign for Changing Abortion Law
Venue : Ireland
Starts : 11:30
Ends : 14:00

Savita Halappanavar was 17 weeks pregnant when she died from septicemia in Ireland in Oct 2012 after being refused a potentially life-saving abortion. She was denied abortion because, at the time Irish laws doesn’t allow abortions even when mothers life is in danger.


Team Pravasi Bharat gathered for peaceful demonstration in Leicester, United Kingdom on 18th Nov, 2012 & called for changes to the abortion law which women’s democratic right to choice and was inconsistent with international human rights law. We were not in to debate of supporting abortion/not, But it is sensible and moral responsibility to take a action when mothers life itself in dangerous situation. Therefore Team - Pravasi Bharat have expressed our support for “Pro-Choice for women when their lives are at risk” and submitted request petition to Irish government through Embassy of Ireland here in UK.

Oct 2012
Event : London March for Postal/Online Ballot
Venue : London
Starts : 10:30
Ends : 15:00

As a team Pravasi Bharat, we believe that 'Equality', 'Harmony', 'Non-Discrimination' are the important aspects of modern world.


Harassment and the discrimination on women are the main issues historically and unfortunately still continued in the modern world, we need to fight against the discrimination of all kinds in peaceful and democratic methods.


As team, we did our best to tackle the issues on women in the recent times. The issue's we tried to raise our voice are noted below.

Aug 2012
Equality, Harmony, Non-Discrimination,
Event : Peaceful demonstration in London for special ballot
Venue : London
Starts : 15:00
Ends : 17:30

Peaceful demonstration for Postal/Ballot

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